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TKO Precision Machining offers some of the most advanced and cutting- edge machinery in the industry including our flagship machine, the CMS 5- axis gantry router. This true workhorse can handle a wide variety of applications with ease, from molding and pattern cutting to composite machining and milling large envelope parts. Its exceptional precision and speed make it the ideal choice for 3D shape cutting and surface millingOne of the key advantages of the CMS machine is its large work envelope, measuring an impressive 26’ x 11’ x 6.6’. This ample space allow us to handle even the largest and most complex material pieces, making it possible for us to take on even the most challenging projects with confidence.

CMS Services


The TKO facility utilizes vertical milling centers, which is a commonly used piece of CNC machining equipment. They are the prime choice for common short-run applications. The work holding for vertical machining centers is straightforward and they are generally the simplest CNC mills to program without typically requiring specialized fixtures.

TKO’s CNC machining equipment includes 6-Haas VF3SSYT and 1-TM2P, which is equipped with a 4th axis Rotary. These machines offer a working envelope of up to 40”x26”x25” allowing us to accommodate a wide range of project sizes and complexities.

Additionally, our largest Vertical mill the HAAS VF-14 provides our clients an astonishing work envelope of 150″X40″X30″ – Providing up to 104′ cubic feet of work area to take on the biggest projects with ease.



At TKO, high-speed horizontal spindle machines are utilized to achieve greater production efficiency and speed for large quantities of material removal. This machining process results in easily-removable chips, enabling higher machining speeds and improved production efficiency, especially for parts requiring material removal in large volumes.

To further enhance capabilities, four workstations are available including Haas ST20Y, DS30Y, ST35Y, and ST35LY, which can accommodate a maximum length of 62.5 inches. These machines are equipped with rigid tapping capabilities, ensuring the highest level of precision and accuracy in all projects.

TKO Precision Machining is committed to utilizing cutting-edge resources and manufacturing equipment to deliver exceptional quality products.

CNC Horizontal Services


TKO Precision Machining utilizes a HAAS UMC750SS machine paired with a Trinity AX5 robotic arm. This state-of-the-art equipment features simultaneous 5-axis functionality and a 40-pallet changer, making it an ideal choice for handling high-volume production runs with ease.

Specialty Machines


TKO Precision Machining offers waterjet cutting as part of our comprehensive range of services. With this technology, we can provide a variety of cutting solutions from prototyping a single piece to producing small runs or full production quantities, all while cutting almost any material.

Cutting capabilities extend to a range of materials including steel, aluminum and glass (among others). TKO can directly produce 2D (AutoCAD, DXF, DWG) as well as 3D CAD files (.STP, .STEP, .XT), enabling us to provide precise cuts that meet exact specifications.

At TKO, close part nesting is used to maximize material yield while minimizing waste. This table can accommodate materials with maximum dimensions of 9’ x 6’ x 6” and can achieve tolerances +/- .005” over 3 feet ensuring detailed, accurate shapes. Additionally, this waterjet cutting technology provides edge smoothness and precision for all two-dimensional shapes. One significant advantage of waterjet cutting is that it produces minimal burrs, stresses, and heat-affected zones (HAZ), ensuring clean and precise cuts every time.

With this waterjet technology, new designs and cutting possibilities can be created, providing innovative solutions to specific cutting needs. TKO Precision Machining, is committed to utilizing cutting-edge resources and manufacturing equipment to deliver exceptional quality products.

Water Jet Cutting Technology


The Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex EX 1200 R with REVO technology offers efficient and accurate measurements. Its 5-axis operation reduces the time needed for probe repositioning, resulting in faster measurements and better accessibility for complex workpieces. With the ability to sample up to 4,000 points per second and a work envelope of 1597.66 x 2689.86 x 1198.88 mm, the ultra-high speed 5-axis scanning exceeds conventional 3-axis control. The CMM is also equipped with laser sensing technology, ensuring high-accuracy measurements even with long styli.

Additional features of the Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex EX 1200 R include the REVO 5-axis scanning probe head, which delivers high-speed scanning and flexible positioning. The 3D CAD modeling allows for productive on-line or off-line programming and automatic probe changes are supported with an optional module changer. The CMM also supports the RSP2 for 5-axis scanning probe and SP25M type RSP3 probe for use of a cranked stylus.

For optimal measurement accuracy, our dedicated climate-controlled positive pressure room ensures a stable measuring environment.

Quality Control AS9100


A range of value-added services are available at TKO Precision Machining to provide customers with a complete solution for their manufacturing needs. These services include powder coating, cerakoting, laser etching, and metal prep for plating and anodizing.

The state-of-the-art Hexagon AS1 3D scanner with absolute 85arm enables accurate scanning, measuring, and inspection of complex parts to ensure highest quality standards are met.

In addition, a HYDMECH H14A bandsaw is available to quickly and precisely cut materials to size. The Boyer Schultz surface grinder provides a smooth and flat finish on parts to enhance their appearance and functionality.

Cerakote is a ceramic-based coating that plays a crucial role in protecting metal parts against the damaging effects of corrosion, abrasion, and wear. At TKO Precision Machining, skilled technicians who specialize in Cerakote applications are available to provide customers with top-of-the-line solutions. To ensure the highest quality finishes, dedicated finishing and deburr stations are staffed by experienced technicians who meticulously prepare parts for final delivery.

To ensure the highest quality finishes, we have dedicated finishing and deburr stations staffed by experienced technicians who meticulously prepare parts for final delivery. At TKO Precision Machining, value-added services are an integral part of our commitment to providing customers with exceptional quality and service.

Value Added Services